Voices from the Past

This forum is open to all of the villagers of Trelawnyd past and present

I would like for them to share their memories, old photographs, family histories and past Village news with me so that I may be able to present a comprehensive record of this small. ancient and facinating Welsh Village Community throughout the ages.

All photographs will be returned after being scanned and published

For those that want to read a comprehensive study on the History of Trelawnyd, please refer to the Book "TRELAWNYD PAST & PRESENT" by Daphne and Ken Davies

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Many thanks to the following citizens of Trelawnyd for their conributions so far:
Mrs Gwyneth Jones, Mrs Gladys Jones, Mrs Olwenna Hughes, Mr Trevor Evans, Mr Hubert Evans, Mrs Bryn, Davies, Mr Islwyn Thomas, Mrs Pat Bagguley, Mrs Joanne Hewitt, Mrs Beryl Evans, Mrs Daphne Jones, Mrs Audrey Jones,Mr Basil Davies, Miss Mona Davies, Mr Graham Jones. Mrs Iola Endres

Mrs Beryl Evans

Mrs Beryl Evans
Years in the Village 41

"I came to the village in 1970. My husband, Arthur, was born and bred in the village and was a master builder and was responsible for many of the newer houses in the villlage. Rhodfa Arthur where we are now was named after him!"

"He was a lifelong member of the Male Voice Choir and was presented with a fifty year service memorial plate in 1983 and was Church Warden here at St Michaels for over 25 years"

An old photo of the interior of St Michaels (The famous Organ is on the left)

"I played the organ at St Michaels for over 24 years and took over from Miss B.A.Jones....now she always had the key to the organ and it was always kept locked at all times (chuckles) she used to hang on to it like fire and wouldn't give that key away to ANYONE! *
Now I never told anyone for years that I could play when I came to the village and then I used to have Miss Jones for tea and one day Arthur said to me "Beryl you'll have to tell Miss Jones that you can play the piano" and after she knew she asked me to start to play.....a big honour I can tell you!"

*In Daphne Jones' interview she noted that when she was a child Miss B.A.Jones had sole charge of the organ key even then and even her mother, who was the rector's wife and a talented pianist to boot was NOT allowed to play it

Beryl has been a member of St Michaels Church since she came to the village in 1970. She was Chair of the Community Council three times and worked on the council for over ten years and played an active part in the local "Meals on wheels" group.

A presentation to Mr Norman Roberts by members of the Community Council and Village Welfare committee . Mr Roberts was Secretary to the community council and Chairman of The Trelawnyd Flower Show ( a position I now hold)
Beryl is first on the right on the front row
The Trelawnyd Women's Institute in 1970 the year Beryl arrived in Trelawnyd

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