Voices from the Past

This forum is open to all of the villagers of Trelawnyd past and present

I would like for them to share their memories, old photographs, family histories and past Village news with me so that I may be able to present a comprehensive record of this small. ancient and facinating Welsh Village Community throughout the ages.

All photographs will be returned after being scanned and published

For those that want to read a comprehensive study on the History of Trelawnyd, please refer to the Book "TRELAWNYD PAST & PRESENT" by Daphne and Ken Davies

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Many thanks to the following citizens of Trelawnyd for their conributions so far:
Mrs Gwyneth Jones, Mrs Gladys Jones, Mrs Olwenna Hughes, Mr Trevor Evans, Mr Hubert Evans, Mrs Bryn, Davies, Mr Islwyn Thomas, Mrs Pat Bagguley, Mrs Joanne Hewitt, Mrs Beryl Evans, Mrs Daphne Jones, Mrs Audrey Jones,Mr Basil Davies, Miss Mona Davies, Mr Graham Jones. Mrs Iola Endres

Mr Islwyn Thomas

Mr Islwyn Thomas
Age: 89
Years in the Village 89

"Siop Ganol....yes......I worked there for 18 years.
I was originally a grocery/errend boy at I.P.Jones' shop in the 1930s.....I was just like Granville from "Open all Hours" 
Islwyn as a boy, holding Iola Jones ( daughter of I.P.Jones)
The lady is Auntie Winnie ( wife of Jack Garreg Llwyd)

Siop Ganol in 2010
I was out everyday......yesi........I remember taking the order for Mrs Jones Pen-y-Cefn on my bike (see Gwyneth Jones' memory)
You would start every morning at 8.30 sharp.
Every morning you would get a duster and you would be there until half past nine dusting every item in the shop....tins....EVERY single item!
Then at half past nine you would have your book (there was two of us, Hwyl Jones was the other boy) and you would go around the whole village...You would write done everything you had available in the shop in your book ( to remember them isn't it?) then go around all of the houses.
I had this part of the village, Hwyl had the Erw Wen part....we would collect all of the orders ready for the afternoon delivery.
Mr Jones would deliver to the houses over at the Marian Tuesdays and Fridays by horse and cart. We delivered our stuff by bicycle...come rain, come sleet and come snow...
Blinking eck..we were busy"
A rare photograph from the Magazine "Today" which was published around 1952
Islwyn is the chap on the left packing the groceries


  1. Very interesting...I remember when my Grandmother would order by phone and the delivery boy would bring her groceries by bicycle! That would have been in the late 1940s.

    I thank Mr. Thomas for contributing to your history of Trelawnyd!

  2. I feel like Granville when I put the items on the table outside the Charity shop away att closing time. Super photo.