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This forum is open to all of the villagers of Trelawnyd past and present

I would like for them to share their memories, old photographs, family histories and past Village news with me so that I may be able to present a comprehensive record of this small. ancient and facinating Welsh Village Community throughout the ages.

All photographs will be returned after being scanned and published

For those that want to read a comprehensive study on the History of Trelawnyd, please refer to the Book "TRELAWNYD PAST & PRESENT" by Daphne and Ken Davies

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Many thanks to the following citizens of Trelawnyd for their conributions so far:
Mrs Gwyneth Jones, Mrs Gladys Jones, Mrs Olwenna Hughes, Mr Trevor Evans, Mr Hubert Evans, Mrs Bryn, Davies, Mr Islwyn Thomas, Mrs Pat Bagguley, Mrs Joanne Hewitt, Mrs Beryl Evans, Mrs Daphne Jones, Mrs Audrey Jones,Mr Basil Davies, Miss Mona Davies, Mr Graham Jones. Mrs Iola Endres

Mrs Daphne Jones

Mrs Daphne Jones
Years in the village 1940-1949

Daphne's Father the Rev David Jenkins came to the village as Rector of St Michael's in 1938
The above is a rare early shot of the church and rectory ( which is hidden away behind the trees)
The rectory was built in 1842 and had allotted to it 4 acres of land which Daphne's father farmed to supplement the family's income
The rectory as it is today.

"The rectory as I recall was a solid house which always looked better from the outside than it did inside. There was no interesting features indoors.
As you went through the front door, there was a study on the left and a drawing room on the right. Further down the corridor was the kitchen and scullery on the left and dining room on the right. Upstairs was a bathroom, three bedrooms and a playroom.
I was told that when my mother was going to give birth to me there was a terrific snow storm and my father took her to a nursing home in Rhyl in the only vehicle in the village, Mr Royals electrical shop van.

One afternoon when I was around 23 months old, I remember that I couldn't find my parents anywhere....then my father came out of their bedroom, took me by the hand and said that he had something to show me.
In the bedroom was a blazing fire and a plump smiling nurse was holding my baby brother, David.
Nurse Jones is the central lady just right of Miss B.A.Jones who is planting the tree
The district nurse was Nurse Jones mother of Rhys Jones, who became a well known musician and broadcaster*(see last photo)
I remember that my father farmed chickens, sheep and cows and every week Mr siddall, the egg man, would call each week to buy our surplus eggs. He used to take me for a ride in his lorry to buy eggs at the out lying farms...THAT.....certainly wouldn't happen these days.......but it was an era of trust in those days , when we all looked out for each other.
We left Trelawnyd when my father look up his next position in Mostyn. I remember our "leaving do" in the school where David and I were given inscribed prayer books which unfortunately I do not have now.

Trelawnyd/ Newmarket has always symbolised home to me.......a safe haven in a story world"
Rector AND farmer...The Rev Jenkins & Daphne feeding his cattle with the memorial Hall in the background

The Jenkins family with St Michael's in the background
A rare shot of the rather grand drive to the rectory. part of the drive exists but the fields are now bungalows in Rhodfa Arthur
* Nurse Jones' son Rhys is 2nd boy from the left standing
Meurig Royles(2nd kneeling from the left)
Bryn Davies (third from left)
and Basil "Ochr y Gop"(second from right*
still live in the village
Bryn and Basil are only two of three people that still live in the houses that they were born in

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  1. Lovely stuff and fascinating reading - arn't we so lucky to be able to view these photos of early days?