Voices from the Past

This forum is open to all of the villagers of Trelawnyd past and present

I would like for them to share their memories, old photographs, family histories and past Village news with me so that I may be able to present a comprehensive record of this small. ancient and facinating Welsh Village Community throughout the ages.

All photographs will be returned after being scanned and published

For those that want to read a comprehensive study on the History of Trelawnyd, please refer to the Book "TRELAWNYD PAST & PRESENT" by Daphne and Ken Davies

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Many thanks to the following citizens of Trelawnyd for their conributions so far:
Mrs Gwyneth Jones, Mrs Gladys Jones, Mrs Olwenna Hughes, Mr Trevor Evans, Mr Hubert Evans, Mrs Bryn, Davies, Mr Islwyn Thomas, Mrs Pat Bagguley, Mrs Joanne Hewitt, Mrs Beryl Evans, Mrs Daphne Jones, Mrs Audrey Jones,Mr Basil Davies, Miss Mona Davies, Mr Graham Jones. Mrs Iola Endres

Well Street and The Pond


Unlike many rural Villages, Trelawnyd never had a featured pond in its centre. To the east of the village Pwll budr ( dirty pond ) was situated and Trefor Evans of Cwm road remembers it as a young boy as being “ unkept” and rubbish filled. 

Well Street, in the very heart of the village, unsurprisingly , featured a covered Well which for many years was the only source of water for the entire village. Situated away from the well was the spring run off and this provided the borders to Siambr Wen and the Still house an “ unofficial “ pond area of marsh ground. This area has been used as an unofficial tip and left as scrubland for years until the 1980s  it silted up completely , only being cleared three times , twice at the instigation of the Community Council and latterly by the Community Association who hopes to hold an open day soon to show what environmental benefits having a freshwater pond

 A series of standpipes were brought in by the village and council in the 1920s and can still be seen today up High-street, London Road, and The Marian. Most farms such as Pen Y Cefn Isa , down Cwm Road  still have their own wells, 

Trelawnyd a snapshot by resident Neville Lancelot

 These photographs were taken by Neville Lancelot and permission has been given to exhibit them here

A snapshot from 2022 some lovely photographs 

The View of Snowdonia from Gop Hill

St Michael’s Church with Gop Hill’s ancient burial mound clearly shown

The wall outside the Memorial Hall with advertisement by TCA 
Trelawnyd Community Association for their coffee morning

The war memorial outside the Memorial Hall and London Road Cottages

The “ new cemetery” behind St Michael’s

The Crown Pub in its new Battleship Grey

The new extension to Trelawnyd’s Primary School

The view down HighStreet 

London Road cottages with the old shop Ganol and Postoffice clearly seen ( far left)

The old part of Trelawnyd School

A proud looking Memorial Hall 

The hillside houses under the Gop

Jackson’s nursery’s which lies East of the village

St Michael's

An original piece of art from village daughter Hattie Tea ( Guy)  who lives in one of London Road cottages

This week , Hattie and I will be ringing the Church bell in support of the Key Workers during the Covid outbreak
Another piece of history for the village to remember 

A Wedding

Thank you Rene Hancock ( daughter of Auntie Gladys) for sending me this wonderful photograph of a wedding reception in the memorial Hall.
Can anyone recognise any of the faces  bottom left are Bryn Davis and Pat Bagguley  and thedapper young man sat opposite is Basil from Ochr y Gop

Byron Street

A rare photograph of the junction of Byron Street and London Road taken around a hundred and ten years ago...
Must have been a hot day in summer as all of the houses windows are open 

The Inauguration of the Memorial Hall

This photo is a significant find .
A rare shot of the opening of the memorial hall 110 years ago.
The corner of High Street of London Road and High Street looks rather impressive presumably with everyone waiting for the Ralli family to do the unveiling
Thanks to the Harry Thomas archives for allowing me to share this photo